Pimenta Comunicação
Pimenta Comunicação

Our History

The Market has changed, always, frantically. We change along with it, sometimes anticipating it, other times chasing to keep up, but normally we walk alongside.

That is how it’s been for over 30 years, and that’s how it tends to be, only faster. Communication has changed, as well as the way we work, traditional media have lost steam, but it is satisfying to see that our initial proposal still stands. From the start we never intended to be one of the bigger agencies (in fact, that was never an issue). Our goal was to be an agency that was able to understand the client and work as an actual extension of theirs, to offer a personal service to professional urgencies – and, of course, have the client satisfied that their investment was worthwhile.

So far it’s worked. This authorial communication movement has increased, precisely because of service quality, for creativity in solutions, and for the combination of human and professional. Today we are part of an important segment within the communications market: boutique agencies. We focus on personal service to our clients, searching for established goals. For that we have a staff who are experienced and specialized in specific market segments. And, most of all, they have the authority to make fast decisions and act accordingly in order to provide the best solution to the client’s demands.

Pimenta is ready to answer to any need, and, if our own staff is unable to do so, we have countless associates – who share our tailored work profile – to develop a joint project. Everything is transparent, and tailored to each client and their respective audience.

We work with every aspect a PR agency resource must offer, following a communication plan that contemplates every communication platform, from digital to print. Within our planning, elaborated with each client, contents have a privileged positions. It is by producing accurate and well written content, in different formats – articles for blogs and social media, press release and video –, that the company’s target audience will be met and positively impacted. Always bearing that classic goal, which is never out of style: making each impacted individual a brand promoter.

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