Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing intends to earn the client’s attention as opposed to buying it. The strategy considers knowledge to be the key to success in a society that stimulates collaboration – no wonder it’s been name collaborative. Because it offers the right or desired contente, in the appropriate place and exact time, the message created by inbound is well received by the consumer, because it has a positive impact on their life, helping them make good decisions. The order is to attract the consumer, make them a fan of the brand, e charm them through actions which renovate from time to time. But keep in mind: the first step to obtain success in inbound marketing is to understand the audience. Through this process, a persona is outlined, carrying the definition of the audience’s main characteristics.


Producing optimized content for SEO

“Every organization is a media organization”. That quote explain the current dynamics of the market in which content production has gained great attention. Before internet was so popular, companies didn’t use to establish consistent two way communication with society. Nowadays they actively participate in public debates in which they are directly or indirectly inserted. Much content is produced and through different formats, such as e-book, video and podcast. In that sense, it is not enough for the company to only comment on their products and services.

It must provide quality content that makes a difference in people’s lives. The company must show, through this material, that it doesn’t just care about making a sale, but also in building a relationship based on confidence with the different audiences that participate in the deal. Here’s an example to illustrate. An e-book or a video that will give tips on financial planning is usually valuable to a client of a financial institution. A printed magazine containing articles about health and well being may make a lot of sense to someone with a health insurance plan. Or, yet, a podcast discussing the best music of the decade for a user of a music app.

There are many content production techniques, such as storytelling. It aims to position the company – indirectly – in a story created to promote a product or a service, which may also appear indirectly. The technique may be utilized in a script that will originate a video to be hosted by the brand’s YouTube channel, or a digital influencer’s channel.

Regardless of the chosen technique, one thing is for sure: content must be produced according to the best practices of SEO. That means choosing the most appropriate keywords for articles and working them in a logical way, taking into account a publishing strategy that also considers the business’ goal. The SEO work allows, among other benefits, for the company to be easily found through Google’s search mechanism.


Managing digital media (social network and blog)

The PR work has greatly evolved. Previously accustomed to work with the journalist through releases and notes, waiting for the information to be published, the PR professional now has other possibilities – online and off-line – e now may act by bringing the right message to the right audience. Social media, blogs and even the company’s website are editorial means in itselves which allow for the insertion of quality content. If well used, through releasing quality content, they may be as relevant as communication means in terms of capacity of realease or reach.


Online publicity

In order to potentialize the communication efforts on the editorial channels kept by the company, online ads are recommended. There are different publicity platforms such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads. Each of these platforms serve their own purposes and, because of that, they must be developed according to the goals developed alongside the client. A sponsored Facebook post, for example, may easily reach ten times as much people as an organic post (one that does not count with any investment).


Social Media Training

Are you familiar with media training? Yes! If media training capacitates the spokesperson to talk to the press, social media training aspires to make them capable of using digital means in a professional manner. What is more: the goal is to get the executive to understand the main measures used by the market, and how actions developed in the digital environment, particularly social networks, may contribute to the enhancement of the company’s image, and may even help the business increase their financial gains.


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