Relationship with the press and influencers

A relationship is not built out of the blue. And it is precisely the relationship that serves as the foundation for PR. Above all, both sides of the relationship need to trust each other: the press officer and the reporter. The press officer’s main goal is to convince the reporter that his client deserves to be a part of his article or future articles, because the information provided by the company is relevant to the community, especially to the target audience of the publication (print, television, radio or internet) concerned.

There is therefore no relationship between the the press office and advertising sectors. The press advisor does not buy space in a communication vehicle. His job is to disclose to the customer’s information of public interest to readers.


Preventing and managing crisis

Image and reputation crisis cost a lot to the companies. Nowadays, in social media era, the effect may be catastrophic and immediate, since content is easily shared among people. For that reason, in order to avoid crisis or allow it to expand, the answer is to prevent. There already has to be an outlined plan to face a crisis. For such planning, the company’s response to possible issues must be defined. The faster the response, the less damage to a company’s reputation.


Media Training

Also known as spokesperson’s training, media training consists of techniques taught to a professional, whatever their professional field, so that they are able to relate to journalists – not only during an interview, but also in events and network gatherings.

Media training is essential in any communication strategy. A badly built press statement may cause terrible damage to a company. Or, an interview conceded without a clear communication strategy may result in a reputation crisis.

Training has many stages, like lectures on the ways of press, particularly of editorials related to the company’s field, interview with the spokesperson conducted by an experienced journalist (a simulation that tries to be as close as possible to reality), and definition of corporate key messages that must be worked into interviews.


Corporate Events

We are prepared to plan corporate events for various audiences, such as journalists, business partners and final customer.


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